What do we do?

At Associate Chiropractic our first priority is helping you find relief from your condition, whether it is back pain, neck pain, headaches or any one of these conditions we commonly treat:

Knee pain
Hip Bursitis
Plantar Fasciitis
Arthritis of the joints
Rotator Cuff injuries

Our techniques vary.  We may use a manual Chiropractic Adjustment to improve joint mobility and function, or we may use a tool such as an Activator, Cold Laser Therapy or Acupuncture.

Whichever therapy we use, our ultimate responsibilities are to:

  • Find the cause of your discomfort or dysfunction, and help you to understand what’s going on
  • Treat the source of the problem – not just the symptoms
  • Guide you on the road to improved health and functioning
  • Coach you on ways to help prevent to condition from recurring