Chiropractic Testimonials

Our September “Patient of the Month” is Wade Oickle who says he’s had “excellent results”. Thank you for sharing your success story Wade!


Meet Krista Conrad our August “Patient of the Month” who says “her back is feeling better after every visit”.  Thanks for sharing your success story with us, we are happy you are feeling better!


Our July “Patient of the Month” is Josh Paul who shares his excellent success story of being able to move again and enjoy an improved quality of life! Thanks Josh!!

Thank you to Janet Burns our June “Patient of the Month” for giving us a 12 out of 10 and for sharing your kind words! We are glad you are feeling better!!


Meet Sarah Frail our May Chiropractic “Patient of the Month” who says she’s had “fantastic” results and can “enjoy outdoor activities again” – thanks for sharing Sarah!


Justin Poirier is our April “Patient of the Month”…”back to regular activities and work duties”. Thanks for sharing your success story, we’re glad you’re feeling better Justin!

Meet Shelby Davis our March “Patient of the Month”, feeling “grateful and pain free”!  Thanks for sharing Shelby, we’re glad you’re doing so much better!


Our February “Patient of the Month”, Amy Cohoon-Swim says she’s “feeling more like herself” since seeing Dr. Marilyn. We’re glad to hear that Amy! Thanks for sharing!

Kyle Lowe is our January “Patient of the Month”, his pain is “pretty much gone” and he has “full mobility back and then some”.  Thanks for sharing your success story with us Kyle!


Meet Brittany Russell our December Patient of the Month. “Headaches are gone and having less shoulder and neck pain” – we’re glad to hear that Brittany, thanks for sharing!


Our November ” Patient of the Month” Ann Hargreaves shares that she has had “beyond amazing” results from her chiropractic care here at the clinic. Thanks for sharing Ann, we’re glad you’re feeling so much better!

Tina Burgess, our October “patient of the Month” – seeing “greater mobility” and is “glad that she came”. Thanks for sharing your success story Tina!




Meet Helen Carr our September “Patient of the Month”…feeling wonderful and more like herself – Thanks for sharing Helen!


Local athlete Amy Hartling is our August Patient of the Month! We are glad to offer Chiropractic care as part of your training to keep you in top form Amy – thanks for sharing!!


Our July “Patient of the Month” is Amanda Shupe – “90% of headaches gone and feeling sunnier and happy that she walked through the door”! Thanks for sharing Amanda, we are glad to hear you are experiencing positive result .


Meet Laura Russell our June “Chiropractic Patient of the Month”!   “Free from pain and discomfort” and willing to drive from Halifax to see Dr. Ian !! Thank you for sharing your story of success!

May’s “Chiropractic Patient of the Month” Michelle O’Quinn – sleeping and feeling better! Thanks for sharing Michelle!!

Our March “Patient of the Month” Chester Wamboldt – “feeling great and able to do things he hadn’t been able to in a long time”! Another great success story from Associate Chiropractic!

Chester Wambolt - March 2017 POMChester Wambolt - POM write up

Our February “Patient of the Month” Carroll Maughan having “real good results and walking without assistance” – great news Carroll, thank you for sharing your chiropractic success story!

Carroll Maughan - POM February 2017Carroll Maughan - Write up




Meet Donna Corkum January’s “Chiropractic Patient of the Month”. Donna reports “immediate results” and “relief from months of pain”.  So glad to hear you are functioning better, thank you for sharing Donna!


Jillian Logan – Our December “Chiropractic Patient of the Month” feeling “barely any pain at all” – thanks for sharing that good news!


Beth Uhlman is our November “Chiropractic Patient of the Month”…”getting excellent results and sleeping better”

Glad to hear it Beth – thanks for sharing!


Meet our October “Patient of the Month” Chelsea King an active athelete getting “excellent results”!  Thanks for Sharing Chelsea! 



Margie Bowes our September “Patient of the Month” – experiencing “excellent results”!!

We’re glad to hear that Margie, thanks for sharing!

Margie Bowes-POM SeptemberMargie Bowes POM Statement


Alana Dowling – August “Patient of the Month” – feeling 100% better! Great news Alana – thanks for sharing!!

Alana Dowling - August POMAugust 2016 POM Alana



Another “grateful patient” at Associate Chiropractic! Thanks Alice!

Alice Cushman POMPOM alice




Thank you for the great report Judy – glad you are feeling better!!


Another pleased patient at Associate Chiropractic Centre! Thanks Pat!!